RHFAC Certifications

Would you like to know how accessible your building is with a percentage score?

This is what Atlantic Accessibility offers, using the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification (RHFAC™): with multiple fully certified RHFAC Professionals on staff, we come to your building and perform a full rating of your location, measuring all areas for levels of accessibility. If certification standards are achieved, your building can then be featured with the CSA National Registry! 

We work closely with clients to provide detailed feedback, identifying where your building’s accessibility is strongest and where some improvements could enhance the meaningful access. With this improvement feedback, we will help you prioritize the upgrades according to the costs, safety, and required planning.

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Commercial Accessibility Audits

Are you looking around your commercial building wondering where to begin with improving levels of access?

 Atlantic Accessibility provides full audits to help you determine the most important areas of focus to increase access for people of all abilities. Every building has barriers, but many barriers can be eliminated with very little expense. Our professionals will highlight all your building’s improvement opportunities, and do the planning for you.

Our assessors create reports that are positive, detailed, and dependable. We have many commercial clients who will tell you that their reports changed the way that they view access in their buildings, and simplified what seemed overwhelming.

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Emergency Evacuation Planning

Have you considered accessibility in your building’s evacuation plan? 

Many buildings do not have evacuation plans that consider varying levels of ability. If your organization has not had your building assessed for emergency evacuation planning with consideration to accessibility, don’t wait!

Our professionals will come to your building and help you to identify any enhancements required for your best evacuation plan, utilize basic equipment that has been proven to save lives, and implement proper accessible signage. 

Contact us today to have your accessible building evacuation planned by professionals!

Make Your Space Accessible