Create A Space That's Accessible For Everyone

We Provide Accessibility Consulting, Education, and Assessments

Remove Every Barrier

Creating an accessible environment can be intimidating.  At Atlantic Accessibility we work together with you to create a more inclusive world for everyone.

You Can Say No To:

Together, we can make our world a more inclusive place.

Feel Confident

Feel confident that your business is making a difference.

Be Professional

Know that your building has been thoroughly assessed by Accessibility Professionals

Get Peace Of Mind

Have peace of mind knowing that your project is done right.

Why Us?

Accessibility modifications are unique in many ways, but what stays constant is our commitment to client service. With every project, we bring our core values: Creative Solutions & Design, Uncompromising Quality, Professional Communication, Personal Customer Care, and Integrity in Everything.

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Our Team

Kristen Habermehl
Primary of Atlantic Accessibility Consulting


The Plan

How It Works:

The first step is an easy one. If you’re here, you care!

We’ll assess your site and guide you through the accessibility process.

You can be a major part of making your community a more inclusive place!

Take The Barriers Off Your Location

At Atlantic Accessibility, we know that you want to create spaces that are accessible to everyone. In order to do that, you need a professional consulting company to show you how. The problem is building inclusive environments takes specific education. Getting it right is critical to the success of the project. 

You’re here so we know you care also! Being the first certified consulting company for accessibility in Atlantic Canada, we bring our experience and passion to the table every time to ensure that your location is accessible for everyone to experience.

Make Your Space Accessible

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